Privacy Policy

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This privacy policy is for Here are ways in which your data can be used, at times on our website and within our application:

  • We use customer data on our properties so that you can access and utilize our software. We ask you to agree to our terms and conditions when doing so. If you have any question on how we utilize that data, email us to let us know.
  • We use data for those who are prospective customers of us who visit our site. This could be an individual who visits our sites, products, and any form of digital ad we have or other communications with us such as emails.
  • In some cases, usage data is utilized through things like pixels and cookies. This may include things like (but not limited to) IP addresses, device, browser, and more.
  • We may use any data tied to something you send to us – such as support inquiries or emails you send us for technical help. This information may be stored within an email platform or similar and it may be used to better serve our customers.
  • Data is used on an ongoing basis to identify technical issues or problems or areas of improvement in our software.
  • Data is used to personalize our services as desired to clients.
  • Data is used for invoicing and processing payments from you, as a customer.
  • Data is used for re-targeting for marketing efforts.
  • Data is used to capture your digital signature, when using eSign by Edoc.

You are responsible for choosing whether or not you will use our product offerings. If you don’t want to share our data with Edoc Service, avoid visiting our website and please do not agree to the terms and conditions to use our product offerings. Please see specific terms and conditions to the product you’re using. If you have any questions or concerns about how your data is collected, stored, and/or processed, please email us.

We intend to update this from time to time, as needed.

Last Updated: November 8, 2022