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Category: Improving How You Work

The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Signatures

The general nature of traditional signatures hasn’t changed for thousands of years. Signatures serve as the “official stamp” of approval to finalize any process or…

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A Different Take on WFH Right Now

In this unprecedented time where so many people are suddenly WFH, I wanted to share a few pieces of advice for leaders as you adapt…

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Want to Grow as a Leader? Here’s How to Receive Honest Feedback

Delivering feedback can be tough. But it also takes practice to receive tough and candid feedback well, too. That was part of the message delivered…

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How Values-Driven Leaders Can Support an Honest, Open Company Culture

Is having an open and honest work environment important to you? (more…)

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How to Choose an IT Partner

How should County Boards of DD—or any organization for that matter—go about choosing a managed services provider? We sat down with John Gambill Jr., CEO…

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4 of the Top IT-Related Challenges Facing County Boards of DD

“We like to explain to people, we’re not necessarily in the fire putting out business—we're in the fire prevention business,” says John Gambill Jr., CEO…

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