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We proudly partner with many County Board of DD programs across Ohio. To us, “partnering” means much more than it does to others.

Here are 5 stand-out reasons I’m hearing lately on why our customers have decided eSign is a fit for them:

 eSign is legally binding.

Yes, our digital signatures are legally valid. Since I get asked that a lot, I wanted to be sure you knew.

eSign offers you unlimited templates.

Re-usable templates make sure you don’t have to start from scratch when sending out common forms or documents. That may be ISPs, contracts, releases, redetermination paperwork, or even staff forms, such as quarterly check-in documentation.

The “Owner” account type gives you full visibility.

An owner account type gives you advanced permissions in case you need to handle staff leaving or in case you want greater visibility into all documents in your organization. It was built to give you the right kind of permission to always be able to find documents you need.

 Our document storage is loved!

Yes…I said loved! Some have called eSign their very own “document repository” but just think of it as another way you can stay organized. Plus, you can search through your documents as needed. I hear just how much people love this about eSign, so I wanted to be sure you knew about the document storage we offer with eSign.

 eSign follows data security best practices.

Here’s a little more on that, for those who are curious.

See Why We’ve Been Trusted for More than 3.1 Million eSignatures to Date

“This system has increased our ability to get documents quickly and conveniently to the people who need to sign them, without having to rely on mail service or the availability to meet in person simply to obtain signatures .” — Julie Tyler, Director of Compliance & Community Relations, Huron County Board of DD

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