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“We really are helping the Developmental Disabilities community to not worry about IT, just like our tagline says. If we’re going to put that tagline out there—‘Don’t worry about IT’—we know we better deliver,” says John Gambill Jr., CEO and Co-founder of GO Concepts Inc.

GO Concepts is the premier IT Solutions provider for agencies, County Boards of DD, and independent providers in Ohio. They are the only IT team that specializes in the DD community in Ohio.

We recently sat down with John to spotlight his company and to share more of their unique approach to helping Ohio DD organizations with all things information technology-related. We started by talking about the company’s tagline, but we discovered a great deal more about how they partner with clients.

Here are 3 things you might not have known about GO Concepts:

1. GO Concepts’ Goals Revolve Around Your Goals

GO Concepts knows there is value in an IT solutions company that gives you a customized range of offerings. No two organizations are exactly the same, and that’s why a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work with strategic IT solutions, either. “You need to focus on your organization, and we are here to help you do just that. In the end, we want you and your staff to simply be happy. Therefore, our goals revolve around you and your operation, not just your IT infrastructure,” explains John.

A common offering for County Boards is to turn to GO Concepts for full managed IT service. That may include help desk support, compliance support, hands-on support, virtual server implementation, ongoing maintenance, business continuity services, help with other vendors, or even hardware sales. It’s always going to depend on the goals and needs of the organization, says John.

Whereas a full managed IT service is more like an outsourced IT department, another option is co-managed IT service that works alongside the current IT staff to provide them a complete team of very experienced, highly capable people to work with them, lessening the frustration and worry of ongoing IT responsibilities, as well as to help complete those long needed and desired projects.

Separate—or even included in those two “buckets”—is a number of other services that GO Concepts delivers. Those include IT consulting, email solutions, data services, network security, cloud solutions, VPNs and other server solutions, remote desktops, phone solutions, security awareness training, and much more.

“The point is,  we provide high quality, efficient, streamlined information technology services to their organization, from top to bottom and to their entire staff,” explains John.

2. GO Concepts supports organizations that have a strong IT staff, too

GO Concepts isn’t just for organizations without an IT team/staff. On the contrary, GO Concepts steps in to help IT to truly support and drive the organization. It can also help IT team members to be more integral to the organization.

“Our support services, no matter what that may look like, help IT staff take more of a leadership role, and add more value in the process. That’s partially because we’re handling all those day to day—those mundane processes—that were previously taking up much of their time,” explains John.

“We want to keep your IT folks engaged and make sure they are a part of the organization’s strategy conversation.

3. GO Concepts is able to grow with you

No matter the organization, your IT service needs and your technology needs in general will continue to change. In fact, in many ways, the needs and priorities can change dramatically year to year!

This is something GO Concepts fully understands, and that’s part of the value they offer you: the ability to evolve and continue to be of value to your agency as you grow.

This is especially true of boards and agencies handling highly confidential data and sensitive matters such as caring for individuals with developmental disabilities, explains John.

“Older database connections can be difficult to protect, with platforms no longer being supported and patches becoming increasingly difficult to apply in a timely manner. Protecting this information is of the utmost importance,” he adds.

Make Sure You Have Peace of Mind About Your IT

All in all, an IT solutions provider is most valuable when they allow you to be worry-free and to have true peace of mind. That involves putting you first, being flexible to meet your ongoing needs, and growing and evolving alongside you as those needs change.

Learn More About Go Concepts

GO Concepts is dedicated to working with the Development Disabilities community throughout Ohio. Click here to learn more about GO Concepts’ managed information technology services.

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